I just want to listen to music through the headphones of the globe, I'll mix their screams with the cries of laughter. I'll cross over from obese greed and drown it in tragedy. I'll take one shot to a building and ignore the millions of bombs we drop to compensate for our more expensive lives. I'll bask in the glory of being able to eat the African families weight, malnourished and all. I'll parade around in clothes I don't need, expelling exhaust. "everything i could say would feed into insignificance"

Welcome to my Journal. IGNORE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, or become my Editor



"Woke up from the dream state?" More like a saturated nightmare. The only ointment I have found for my plague was destruction and to cease creating was my latest corruption. Like the words I threw together, I noticed myself, thrown together.

"How long?" Since what. Since brushing with the law? Fermenting soil. Since visiting the hospital? My prison. Still no health care, still no reason, still stuck in this country, still a proud treason. The sun was piercing, but I long since abandoned the idea of maintaining sunglasses. My sister's baby was brewing and I knew how far from reality I had really drifted.

"If I close my eyes now, I'd get 7 hours of sleep." Too responsible, too healthy for me. I am abandoning all hopes of maintaining this machine I was birthed into. I never got to choose the performance or the colour. I was always so capable, full of so much potential. I was always thinking of removing myself from the picture, but never finding a way till now.

"How to exert so much effort into doing nothing." The genius' idea of being lazy.


Facebook and Society

The cartoon facebook profile picture to 'help a cause' scenario is perfectly normal for our society of people who want to belong and be a part of something while doing nothing progressive about it. At least when you bought into the rubber-band bracelets and ribbons you were donating some money to the causes. Why don't we truthfully stand tall and admit we could care less about other peoples problems or modestly assist.


Taste like Water

Countless hours I've spent dissolving,
Yet I'm still banging my head against the awning.
Groped sex, dry food and prodding,
taste like water.


Death to the Throne

Yum, drums, synths and heavy guitar riffs


The Answer

The way she sings soothes me, so beautiful.


I am going to erase Sean Mullen, legally declare him dead. Death certificate and everything and birth myself a new life, with a new social security number and a new record. If illegal aliens can do it to live in this country it is my right as an American to partake in the festivities.

As I wonder

"Today the words don't mean enough for us to say"

I stare into the toilet and I urinate. It seems like I'm spending minutes, not seconds, holding my penis and emptying my bladder. So I ponder and think about what else I want to extract from my life. I think about all my friends that I have lost to Heroin, either physically, mentally, or just simply lost.

To: all those who do heroin and/or oxycotton recreationally

Stay the fuck away from me. I am sorry and this doesn't help an addict, but I must honestly say this to thee:

'Anyone who does those drugs recreationally is DEAD to me.'

No I'm not being insensitive, I'm just emotionally distraught from the death of a dear friend, the rehab of others and the lost of communication with the rest. Once this drug becomes a part of a persons life there is no room for anything else and they never truly quit. I am thankful for every day that I've not ever partaken in this dance. Because I'd be in the gutter, dead or pissing on myself and on my way there.

What I'm trying to communicate

I want to blame the business aspect of Art for the downfall of originality. The current approach is sell what is being sold. So we are struggling economically everywhere and many are choosing to play it safe. As an artist, I know how boring safe is.

I give credit to the music industry, in the last decade it has significantly undergone serious change, yet it is constantly adapting to it. The fall of Tower Records, most people live on mp3s and yes the film industry may also be pirated, but there isn't really devices built encouraging it. Mp3 players do play videos, but people are still buying and renting DvDs.

And yet despite this, the film industry is remaking, remaking, remaking, remaking, reselling, reselling, recycling what has already been sold, what is already selling and available on the market. They are just giving it new names and making tiny changes.

I guess the music industry has always been about the performance when it comes to making a profit. The records are a means of promoting and with internet blogs, such as our very own http://boppernation.com, as well as many social networking platforms and even online stores itunes, amazon and beatport.com.

And I wonder how important the performance has been for Films, aka the Theater. And how are they getting people to go? Yes they have brought in some form of revolution: 3D. A new experience, something to make it exciting again. Well I'm glad they are adapting there, is it possible to adapt the content? The answer is YES, but as long as people keep buying the crap there is no reason to stop selling.

There needs to be a gap between the artist and the business - a bridge, a mediator and its need to be neutral.

idk where I'm going just jotting down thoughts.



Let me start. The future is upon us: [WhereuBn]

TO: Mainstream Consumers

What should I sell? As a businessman we are left with no choice but to respect the 'trendy,' or are we? There is a majority rule that says yes, play it safe, sell what has already been sold and already in high demand.

It was a great mentor that once taught me to not disrespect and hate those who flock. 'Every single person out there is a fan or potential fan.' But I am troubled. I thought the most important lesson High School had to offer was that I am free to live in a world surrounded by the people I like. That I no longer have to pretend to get along with people that bother me. And I am wrong.

Just because I am no longer in a legally forced environment that socially demands I be friendly to all, I still have to be friendly to all. That is good business, that is work, that is a job. And it is not good PR for me to attack and hate unless I choose a 'commonly accepted enemy.'

Back to my struggle. I am an artist, creator and leader. What is more important, my own opinion, or the economically accepted opinion? It does seem some artist successfully sell a product that they truly do love and those people happily sing.

[lost my train of thought]


On Heaven & Hell

If there is a Heaven or Hell, I really can't see it being anything different than a god damn party. There's the VIP list and line at the door and people are split up sanctioned. Is it some illusion that anyone really has a choice in the matter? Unlike this life we are in now? Cuz I'm sure as hell no one decides to pop out a mothers womb in a third world country or in abusive home. No girl stands in line for the mother's womb that delivers her to a father molesting her at home. No boy impatiently waits to get to the door of a mother's womb and find himself crippled. This whole Heaven and Hell thing is just ridiculous, an extension of the illusion of control that we so desperately cling onto as human beings. God if I can't make the list here, please sign me up in the next life. I may have lost it somewhere in this paragraph, but I thought I was onto something in the beginning.

When I graduate Heaven I'm going to Hell.

Selfish, Selfless, 1010

Selfish, or Selfless. Let the readers decide.

Scenario: If a person is having to constant nag at another person to hang out at which point couldn't it be more clear that there isn't two willing participants and thus there is no relationship at all. And really now, who is the real asshole? The person simply minding their own business or the mosquito constantly flying into the room, buzzing and maybe coming in and sucking a little blood, just a little...and we swat, we swat, we spray ourselves...we do everything we can..but its not until we fucking swat the mother fucker and spray its minuscule guts all over ourselves that we can go, "ah." wipe the bastard, or flick its bigger parts away and cleanse ourselves. Its not until than that both souls can be free.

Now who's the asshole? And is it worse to give the bug time, try and avoid killing it, taking its life away, squishing the damn thing...swatting the air around it, trying to move away, etc....you tell me


Art Should Never Have Been Sold

I'm not at all referencing to music, I just always post a lil something for people to listen to while reading. I myself am usually streaming something while writing..anyways.

'Let Me In' yes I am still pissed off about this. Less than a decade, Less than half a decade, less than a quarter of a decade later...Hollywood decides to take on and Americanize the Swedish work of art 'Let the Right One In.'

The period and gap between remaking movies has grown almost as short as remixes of songs. I am just waiting for films to have an EP now. Here is Batman and several remixes by separate artist. FUCK YOU!

but seriously, if you're going to put out remakes as fast as the music industry puts out remixes. Why not do what they do to share the wealth and create EP packages. So at least the original author gets credit and shares in the profit.

But at las I understand...It's a business. And seeing a successful product flourish, instead of letting it FLOURISH more, lets make our own version, stamp our seal on it, straight up steal art and sell it. God I had to go to some 'hole in the wall' theater I didn't even know existed in between SB & Goleta, near the autoshops..And I bet 'Let Me In' will be showing in all the mainstream, easy to access theaters in Santa Barbara.

Someone just put me at ease and tell me that the creators of 'Let the Right One In' are getting some slice of this pie.


I can't sleep until I devour you

Lately been binging on quirky sexual comedies, The Babysitters & Finding Bliss were great. Babysitters about highschool girls who find out they can earn a lot of extra money by pleasuring the fathers of the families after babysitting the kids. It gets way out of hand. And Finding Bliss is about a girl who goes off to NYU, gets the best film award only to come back here to Hollywood and fail at finding a job..until accidentally landing an editing gig at a porn studio..she only accepts the gig because they have amazing equipment and she gets the idea to secretly film her movie idea (that isn't a porno). Meh, that was last week.

This week I watched Timer, which is a movie about an invention that predicts the exact moment when you will meet 'the one.' The main girl her timer is --d -- h -- m -- s (blank) which means that her one true love hasn't installed a timer device yet. And then her sister has one that predicts she wont fall in love til she is like 50 something...so as one can predict they are both unhappy with their results..having had the devices installed at age 14 and going into their 30's. Crazy concept, interesting movie.


There we are

"I want to respect and try and grow from all of my influences and I want to be something that makes a dent in the world. I want to be a villain. Everyone wants to say, "What's it like being a role model?" It's a lot harder to be a fucking villain. Role models are mannequins, villains make problems and problems are what changes the world. All artists are villains, and that's what I like to be." - MM

Hold the Phone

Twiggy got back with Marilyn Manson for the latest album...why the fuck am I just finding out about this now!

'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'

I find it rather disgustingly funny how easily people can look past the blood in a diamond, seeing only its beauty and then turn their heads away in disgust at an art piece containing blood.

Think about this deeply and metaphorically you literal bastards.

Again why I find American Psycho to be such a masterpiece. Patrick Bateman is the Diamond.
And shoot me for saying this..because some literal assholes going to think, Oh I like Diamonds, Diamonds are pretty..oh wait, that means he is saying he likes this character, he agrees with this characters blood lust and need to kill. Oh my god he is a killer.

No..you are the real Murderers. Every time someone fails to comprehend something past it's crust a part of me dies. Every single time. There is an optimistic boy buried inside of me and I say buried because that's what we do when something dies.


Its pretty sad

The best thing about Facebook's Birthday notifications is that I see people's names pop up that I'm not really friends with, that I don't talk to and I remove them from my friends list. It's not high school anymore or a popularity contest. The concept of removing people from your friends list on their birthday may sound fucked up, but its facebook. I'm sure it goes unrecognised and I'm just being an asshole by announcing it.

Now to move on. I've finally setup a list of goals for myself. There is a couple things lately that have been going on in my life that I'm ready to move past. Knowledge is great, but it's been wisdom and experiences that I've found to be the most propelling force in my life. Even the bad ones.

I live a life with little limitations, I've indulged in many things. Paid for sex, abused and used drugs and alcohol. But I am past the shame of these experiences and I've found them to be enlightening.

I consider myself a scientist and I've reached an Epiphany about drugs. They have things to teach us, mentally and psychologically I've explored and opened my mind. I've learned to be more social, to speak my mind. I've let out repressed feelings. But I've also taken it too far. I've said and done things I shouldn't.

Anyways, I'm taking the Good that I learned from them and learning to reach those mental states without the use of drugs or alcohol. I've already seen the same pattern in every substance I've ever found to be enlightening.

I'm glad hallucinogenics stimulated my mind and my imagination. But I don't need to drop LSD, eat mushrooms every single day or ever again to open my mind, get outside of myself, get outside of the influences of society, television and my peers.

I'm glad stimulates such as cocaine have taught me to write and think more critically, but I don't need to do blow every day or ever again to reach that mental state. Sigmund Frued saw the power it had for the psyche, but he too realised that in the end over indulging in any substance always leads to the same result.

And I'm glad that the Benzos, Klonopins, Xanax & Ativan taught me to be more relaxed, open, to stress less, and to say what comes to my mind. Alcohol a lighter affect, but to also do these things and in the end to be more social. But I don't need any of these things to achieve these effects, they simply were a tool, a key to unlocking a part of myself that was repressed. And indulging in drugs and or alcohol at first may help bring out these characteristics, but they also give the person something that isn't a part of them. They have their own psyche.

So it is time to start working my 3 or 4 books on meditation. With a sober mind and learn to channel the things I've learned, but still have my limits, my psyche, my thoughts and my control in tact.

As for prostitution, that's a whole different subject. My thoughts on the matter is that I see no reason why it should be illegal and I find it to be more honest than most relationships I've seen. The persons involved know exactly what it is they are paying for, they know the relationship and where it stands. The communication is crystal clear. There are some of course who are delusional and many do fall in love with strippers and prostitutes. But if sex is all that you are after from a person, it is the most honest and fair relationship I know.

Now as for those seeking more and relationships that extend past sexual pleasure, it takes a lot of time and hard work. It also takes finding the right person. The insanity we've all experienced of trying to make someone into the person we want them to be, rather than finding the characteristics in another individual is real.

Relationships in general are the hardest thing for me, because in order to have a relationship with someone, be it friendship or whatever you have to relate to them. There has to be a connection. And that connection has to be stronger than a person's pride, ego and if it revolves around sex, drugs and or alcohol it is not a real connection at all.

The people that I've stayed in touch with and I am connected to are the ones who we've found common ground in things that are solid. Music for instance, anyone who shares my passion and love for music, well we've touched a very important common ground. Art in general. Movies. Hardship. Poverty. Real life issues. Fuck mainstream politics and fuck mainstream religion. But I am all for spirituality and I especially love opinions, those are the only politics that get me. Don't get me wrong though, ever person is entitled to their own system and set of beliefs and these are mine. This is my religion.



12 Hours from now is the start of Nocturnal, Press passes & photo passes check. Plan is to be completely professional, Insomniac hosts Audiotistic, EDC as well as many other sexual events..lets make a good impression and get WhereuBn going!


I found GOD

It was only recently that I discovered GOD, or a Higher Power (for the sensitive ones). It was Chewbacca. A creature that is commonly known as a Wookie, with the uncommonly known origin, the planet Kashyyyk. However, this creature has found residency on the planet Endor. This planet is composed of two-foot tall creatures, commonly called Ewoks. These creatures are tribal and fans of great worship. Chewbacca himself isn't considered a GOD on their planet, a common mistake for creatures with small brains, but they fail to understand his power.

In World War II Chewbacca rode Squirlback and was the first to stand up to the Nazi's. he was the leading force and voice in DIRECT contact against Satan's Army, powered by his son, Adolph Hitler. With a mere Crossbow he conquered many soldier brigades who chose to use 'highly developed' weapons, frag bombs and heavy machine guns. He disappeared as soon as the humans themselves began using direct force and contact with the Nazi's. He was the conscious voice for many who chose to stand up against the Nazis preventing Satan's soldiers from overrunning the planet Earth.

Many years later, in a Galaxy Far away, he again came forth with his crossbow, fighting the men of Satan's Army, with their Lazer guns and other highly developed weapons. This was a direct attack on Satan's son, reincarnated in the guise commonly known as Lord Vader. It wasn't until Jesus himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi, appeared to influence Luke and many others, before dying for their sins, that once again men took direct contact and force in fighting Satan's army.

Many believe Chewbacca lies dormant, but what they fail to understand is he has re-incarnated once again, this time in the guise of the Universal Re-Monster.

parking convo heating up

read whole thread [here] & feel free to get in combat, my latest response
'to 106835P I couldn't agree more.

I had my fun with sarcasm, but if I'm going to speak professionally and take this thread seriously I will start by agreeing with your main point and that is, that a resistance to change is the real issue present.

Long lines and traffic jams exist at ALL lots and are the result of many things, faulty equipment, human errors, not having correct payment ready at the exit (whether it be the right amount of change or cash at all (city lots), credit card/atm card (pn lot) and losing tickets, but these issues and more are present at ALL parking lots in Santa Barbara not just the lot in Paseo Nuevo.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to satisfy everyone, this system has been in place since may 2010, it works for the majority of people, but that small percentage of people that it doesn't work for...do cause traffic jams, as they will in any system.'



Those who positively would like to try and IMPROVE the system and really do concern themselves with the profit of the stores in the Paseo Nuevo mall, why not try to leave positive realistic feedback, other than, bring back the old system with people.

I can assure all of you that during the Holidays and busy times, there are people there at the exits helping patrons get in and out. But these people receive a LOT of abuse. I guess it is OK seeing as how they make good money and learning patience, dealing with 'special' people and their 'special' needs is a life lesson. Plus dealing with liars and people trying to weasel out of paying their fees in luxurious cars is priceless, entertaining and humorous. It would make a great movie. So sign me up for volunteer work while I write the screenplay'

Closet Homosexuals & Guilty Pleasures

I now understand what it means to be an item of shame. I find myself secretly sharing companionship with people. Last time I checked, I was alone..yet there are many people frequenting this website, reading my bullshit and checking in on me. This is the relationship I seem to share, it is the only one I am good at because it requires me to do nothing other than jerk off on the web, post it and sit back and let it do its thing. Bored enough to kill.

I couldn't resist

So I had to write a response to the many complaining about our automated parking system, I chose sarcasm, it is the best form of communication in text form, simply because it riles people up!
"The concept of people relying on themselves to park their cars is absurd!? What will they try next, self check out lanes at grocery stores? Heavens no!

I miss human interaction, I miss the good Ol Days when I could YELL and negotiate my way out of paying $1.50. That poor parking attendent, a college student or elderly high school drop out working for minimum wage, god they made me feel soOo much better about myself, now I am forced to face the cold machinery and rely on myself to read signs, use a credit card/atm card, GOD WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO!"

Truth be told, my job has kind of repressed any feeling of betrayal that is associated with people lying to you. After all, when someone is lying is nothing to take personal, it is their own insecurity, guilt, laziness, or whatever it is that is compelling them to lie to you, well it is something they are doing wrong, not you. I am lied to constantly at my job and it comes in many different kind of tones. There is the angry, rushed tone. It is supposed to speed up your thoughts and actions delaying any chance of critically thinking and realising 'woa, this person is full of shit.' Then there is the blatant lying tone, it is a statement that is simply projected, pushed forward and now fact. Anyways...I have learned there is no sense in arguing with a liar, the best thing anyone can do is just swallow their words and project your own truth. Sometimes it is best to ignore them...thank god they are behind an intercom this can be done as easily as hanging up a phone.



I am so sick of Hollywood or whoever it is, taking PERFECTLY good films and 're-adapting' them or remaking them..For instance, 'Let the Right One In,' was a Swedish film that came out in 2008. It contained an amazingly fresh take on Vampires through the story of a bullied 12-year old boy and a vampire female whom he befriends and falls in love with. Straying from many 'Vampire' norms, making the film feel feel incredibly real....

now in 2010, barely 2 years later... 'Let Me In' is being released in the United States and already in the trailer alone it looks like the same movie scene for scene. [see below]

This should be considered thievery. Movies like this shouldn't even thrive, they shouldn't even make it into a pre-production stage. Yet there are probably many Americans who NEVER saw 'Let the Right One In' and they will go see 'Let Me In' and be completely stunned, satisfied and preach on and on about what a great film it was taking away from and detracting any chance of survival for the Swedish film. America 10, Indie/Foreign 0.


Form is Dead

truth b told

Your instincts, your friends and even myself warned you.



hen everybody's doing something, I am shamelessly doing nothing. When no one would ever do that, I am shamelessly first.

Water, Sugar & Sperm attract ants like none other. Sperm being the most attractive, followed by Sugar than water. Spraying raid into a small confined room, with peeling skin following a bad sunburn leaves one rather itchy.



Off the pills.
Reality sank in.
To be honest
I simply am bored.

'Some things leave my list after I've done them - others after I've abandoned hope of doing them'

Turns out I am too apathetic to stay addicted to anything. It is good to know that my lack of commitment to anything also includes negative things.


nymphaeum |nimˈfēəm|

noun ( pl. -phaea |-ˈfēə|)

a grotto or shrine dedicated to a nymph or nymphs.



Loud Thoughts & Insomnia

What do you want to do with your life?

"it's a cross between becoming an international criminal and a buddhist monk, I believe somewhere in the middle of that you'd find me"



It is pure insanity to go around and try to mould people into what we want them to be, rather than trying to find someone with the characteristics that we want.

3 consecutive dreams in 4 hours

I had a continuos dream from last night where we were forced to play this game and the losing team had to die. The first game I played last night, I was on the winning team and made the winning point. The second time I lost. The losers were taken into this room and they told us we could kill ourselves with this gun. They recommend we use this one to guarantee we do it right the first time. Oddly enough I found myself alive in the third week, 3rd game..even after having been killed. I started talking to people in the arena, reminding them that I was on the losing team in week 2. One of our players, an elderly lady fell off a ledge, hit her head. Said she was fine, but then start talking crazy. Brain damage. During this same dream I remember a part where I was urinating in a urinal and people kept coming in and having conversations with me.

I then had a dream where mutant mossy green man shaped things came out of the water and impregnated everyone by kissing them and putting their seed in our mouths. We sat in fear for days after their first attack, we knew they would come again and the second time there would be more. When they came the second time, I said something weird like 'why don't you just suck my dick' and stood there instead of running, but at the last minute jump kicked the thing in the chest knocking it down. I hid in bushes and then I woke up, went pee..wrote on FB, writing more details here. Going back to sleep

I spent several days, weeks in these dreams, yet I was only asleep for hours

All of this from around 12am - 4.58am right now when I just woke up and finished writing this.


I'm finished


This is my way of patenting my words

"If you want to be good, you gotta dig into the roots instead of climbing the tree" - Sep 12th 2010 Sean T. Mullen

That song came out in 1999...this is one of many roots of Dubstep.


True Romance

Inspired by a close friend, the Bardot in the Blue a Paris Bird....

True Romance is the constant struggle to build a relationship with someone who isn't compatible. It consist of two people who aren't meant to be together, can't be together, won't be together, but struggle to be together. The romance and beauty exist during the time that one pursues the other, the other denies the other and hopefully one gives in and they find little time together. Which in that moment, it is bliss. But there is no hollywood ending and there is much pain, we sadist and masochistic hopeless romantics live for this pain. This romance, especially when it comes to a screeching halt.

Like drug addicts, alcoholics and the insane, these people constantly fail to make something work using the same methods that have failed over and over again. It is not rational for them to even consider changing the variables, their insanity demands that they be with this person who is the corner to a puzzle and they are the center.

The love is so strong they forget the lows and ignite themselves on the highs. These control freaks desperately try to force the squares into the circle hole and refuse to look for the damn circle.

In the end the hopeless romantic knows that he/she cannot be with the other person. And even though deep down inside they know this, they never want to truly believe it or accept it. Instead we wallow in self pity and live in the functioning memories of the past, the brief hiccups where it worked out just fine.

"there's something inside you"


A blog from 2007

Here is a blog i wrote in 2007, it is more focused on politics and my distate for astronomy. Hilarious read it here [HERE]

excerpt from blog on Legalizing Prostitution in the US

"I believe that prostitution should be legalized. This is not a matter of my own my penis, It is not a super horny comment, nor is it a self-interest. It is in all actuality a concern for the well-being of humanity.

In Thailand, Prostitutes are looked up to, and regarded with as much respect/awe as a Doctor, Lawyer or any other high paid profession in our own country. There is no shame, and anyone who is related to a prostitute in that country is proud to have that woman as their daughter, sister or mother. They are the "bacon bringers" in the family unit, the main supporters. They are the ticket out of the harsh living conditions that their families may live in.

Second, it is a proven fact that these kind of things become worse when they are illegal. When abortion was taken to the streets, the conditions and practices were harsher and became deadly, many women died using a coat hanger and other crude tools to do the process themselves or by unlicensed doctors. With prostitution being illegal, we only see the down and dirty side of it. There is no regulation or inspection for sexual diseases. Not to mention the women aren't respected, they are mistreated and they are rely on some crack dealing/pimp to protect them. Also as pointed out by wade, another down and dirty side of prostitution is human trafficking.

By making prostitution legal, there would be more of acceptance and understanding for the labor this job entails. Not to mention, the protection for the women would come from our own government and a new set of laws that would be enacted once it became a legal practice. Furthermore, women could even have than have agents and protection, it could become a full fledged business and help boost our economy.

You may find this immoral. But i believe it ciphers a lot of bullshit that is already taking place in prude environments that turn their back on prostitution but accept gold digging, which in reality is a fancy term for prostitution. Some people are happy serving and pleasing others, why not give them the honor by legalizing their practice, so that they can have benefits, respect, understanding and maybe even a union.

It also would be a beneficial to men to make prostitution legal, rich old men then could understand and spot right away that the woman's main interest was in his money. This would help him to judge and weigh the relationship, there would be less deception in the relationship and you might come to find that men and women would actually be happier with this fog removed.

Regardless of whether or not we wish to make it legal or illegal it will exist. As stated earlier, literal prostitution already does exist within our country illegally and is under harsh conditions. Also as mentioned, indirect prostitution is already in existence in this country too. Any woman today that is with a man based solely on his wealth, is a prostitute. She may grow to love this man for more, or she may stay for the money and become even more of a whore.

If not for any other reason, why not capitalize on the opportunity and business of legalized prostitution. Most importantly, why not help protect human rights, men and women, by making this practice legal, understood and respected. You don't have to believe it is moral or right to understand and respect it, we can agree that not everyone agrees in the practice that lawyers partake in, but we can easily agree that it is respected.?


You're as Cold as Ice

download full song: Boppernation

I know a lot of Fakers and Flakers. Santa Barbara blondes, that aren't blonde astound me. Superficial, social climbing bitchy monkeys define the rest of Thee.

Ungrateful people who have been given the world, fuck things up on their own and scapegoat the wolf, we laugh at thee.

On a Positive Note: I've met a couple real people in the mist of Santa Barbara fog, 'the rest of you assholes can kiss my white ass.'

Some of you are lesbians. We know this. Not trying to be sexist in any nature..just being real. In this business I've learned to take NOTHING personal..sometimes I lose myself in emotions and surrender for a second, stoop to your level and apologize for financing and creating the Dream, opening your eyes to the world....

But for those of who can't seem to see it past those Dior shades...while your another speck in the dimmed out stars of the world..the ones that we can see only on clear nights and just barely..you aren't part of any Constellation and I am done trying to explain myself or give you any consultation.

FACT: YOU have problems, YOU need to sort them out. DONT involve me in them. I am here to have fun, be a Super Nova after burning Inside the Sun. No more self pity bullshit. I am simply having fun.


Santa Barbara Blondes

To: the invisible liberty of patronizing agony.
CC: the director of Self Pity.

We have not won, we have not lost, we are not done, but we must stop. It isn't anything personal, prejudice or purposely ridiculous. I am just sick of the strangeness and driven to madness by the boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, predictable, sameness.


p.s. "Life is a playground and I want someone to play with"



Sorry the world is so painful, but if you let me I promise I would be your feathers.

Together we'd fly into the sun only to melt like wax and plummet.

After I took you so high and low, would you only remember the ground and forget to thank me?

The Truth

I imagine Panda meat contains the texture of Pork, the richness of Duck & the mental uplifting superiority of any blood diamond..because in the end as human beings, there is nothing more rewarding than acting like the most dominant species on the planet.


Quiet Noize

The Inkwell is completely dried up. I need to be inspired.

I Wish I could tell you there is more to life than this vacant parking lot.
Occasionally a nice view emerges, an orgasm is reached, but everything always ends.
Destructively beautiful, expelling toxic radiation, consume at your own risk.
Everyone loves me from a distance, what is it I miss

Answer: Consume the Drug called Music and quit being such a bitch. Get off your ass and make things happen. Don't join the millions of those who do nothing and the billions who dream and talk about big things, but make nothing happen.

awaiting another visual dream, need a new muse, and enjoying new friendships


Coma Reality

"Do I believe in God, Do I believe in Me, Controversy"

Welp, back to reality again. I got to share the fantasy world with another, but at the expense of my dear friends relationship. It is hard to enjoy, reminisce on anything positive after so much negativity.

I spent yesterday sick and feeling like shit, I wasn't alone though. Anyways, the balance of life. I wear my insides out, so my bipolar disorder is just as present in me as it is in my life. Extreme Highs with Extreme Lows. The Nature's Zen is doing some wonder, but I'm worried it's making me a bit emotional. Although I've accomplished a lot relationship wise with my mother, we've kind of been butting heads. (AW how cute)

This is totally just a journal entry, so for those of you who like to live my life or simply just checking in to make sure I'm OK. Alls well. I feel much better today. Building my setlist for this saturday, I will be DJing along with my brother. And yup there it is. Talking to myself, my favorite pastime.


lost in translation

Miscommunication is a funny concept.
Brett Easton Ellis's book 'rules of attraction'
illustrates this clearly.


Poetry time

FUck you all.
"I am the push that makes you move."
'dont give a shit don't ever judge me'

Can't escape me. I'm the cobra veins that inherited the poison from my goddess.
I am the fucking Libra death triangle, the deadly circle, the Bermuda your planes lost.
"get this cuz your never gonna get me"

Today i saw a tatoo'd beauty. I told her she was the most beautiful creature I ever saw and walked away. My hearts already sold to another (dont worry ladies the other is music). *sipping 4 lokos after jager bombs and much beer, alcohol calms me. But it doesn't conceal me.

I will continue to harass those who have touched me but can't touch themselves, like burden bridges. broken bombs, bombarded barricades, barracuda blades.
"OH sinner man"
i love this drunken self, this non-esemtful full of passion no regret, no and later eating mother fucking.

Cross faded fucker.

I set two alarms because my unconscious has outsmarted me. Fucking personality disorder I've completely lost myself, but the crazy people around me are too scared to admit their own personality disorders.


this confession is meaningless



Loud thoughts and insomnia. Drunken words are the best. Sweet and sincere. But like the climax after a nice ejaculation, the orgasm you will never know, it has all passed, it is over. In more understandable terms, it was a necessary bowel movement, releasing the last of the toxins from the body. Now healed, us children must move on. Satisfied and happy.

Immature? Passive Aggressive? Lazy, maybe. Just the order of a writer. This is my place to vent, my journal, those who frequent it only proves one thing...

aside: Sometimes you just need to scream into a pillow, punch a wall, I don't do that. Some people rather hold it all inside and then unleash it in a post office. I'm an open book. Read it.


get outta here

"I believe in a balanced diet with rigorous exercise."
My diet:
Blueberries, Ginger Ale, Nicotine, Pomegranate juice & KP.
My exercise:
A healthy dosage of masturbation, mental games, followed by doing laps around the house and exerting exotic sounds from my vocal cords - sounds previously only found in the deepest jungles of the Congo. I then proceed to music and writing. This is my exercise, exercising the brain.

I am donating my sperm to a Surrogate mother. She believes that my sperm in combination with her seed will bring forth lucifer. She is a highly intelligent devil worshipper, graduate of Harvard University (Straight A student), with a heavy background in Science and a family history of Black Arts. She shrunk my penis to prove her point, I believe it has helped decrease my ego tenfold, as I already had a small penis, but with an even smaller penis I have found myself experiencing Napolean syndrome, but it's not my bodies physical height that ales me. I am now in search of a large truck and I would like to own a couple big guns.
*The child is due to be fermented on a special full moon and the pregnancy will occur exactly at the stroke of midnight on 2012.

side note: Many beautiful women whom I neglected to appreciate in my past life have come back into my present life. I am blessed. Thank you.



Welcome to the glamour, this adobe is my shamrock.
"Things I don't remember' slowly fading into memories.
I only have one love, a corset mineral I call Fran.
Beyond the capable. I am the available.
"This just isn't working out"
Piercing her belly button with a needle.
Etching vitamins into her gently.
"Turn Up the Bass"
Full of excuses, so many.

Pretend to live so heavily,
Exhume the colour red.


In the Olive Garden

I stole my wealth with Engine Nudity,
A classy gal I met the night before.
She stole my heart with ingenuity,
such a toxic frame....

I'm bent out of shape thinking about her Cuntnivorous ways.
Like a cannibalistic musical she devoured me whole


Why I live for the Dream

I never meant to cause you any sorrow.
I never meant to cause you any pain.
I only wanted to one time see you laughing.
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain.

Returning to the real world in t-minus hours


Hello Boys & Girls

You guys get to read it first, this will all be compiled and composed on http://boppernation.com my adventures with Felix, which started yesterday August 19th 2010.

Day 1

Full Service. I feel like a king, I experienced things today that I’ve only seen on television. Upon my arrival, near the baggage claim/transportation (which by the way stretches for miles in Atlanta), my driver held up a sign ‘Sean Mullen’ written on it. I pointed at him and smiled. (I drink a lot when I fly, I wont spend too much time on the details of it, but wine, double jager bomb, double jack n coke, etc). Anyways once I find my bag he grabs it from me and we head out to his car.

Now let me start from the top. Black man, black full suit, black lincoln, black leather interior, opens the back passenger side door, large amount of space, big black leather chair, with a cold Dasani waiting for me and klenex. I tell him I’ve never had service like this. Prior to this Felix had told me to tell the driver to go to Buckhead, instead of his house. I put the driver on the phone with Fe, so he knew where to go, the driver smiles at me when he’s done and says “Dallas Austin is there too.”

Bistro Niko, a full table of Celebrities Angie Romansanta, Dallas Austin, Nas, Nese Djouma, Felix Da Housecat, Bullit, an overly aggressive but funny fairy (who I’m crammed in the back of the SUV with later on, to balance out all the royal treatment I had earlier. He does at one point whisper in my ear “I have cocaine back at the house.” If this is a homosexual pick up line, it will get you laid or get you punched by an angry addict. Good luck. Back to the dinner…which I don’t eat, but I go over to one of the tables grab an empty wine glass and start pouring myself Chardonay (There is tons of Chardonay on the table as we leave, I just would never let it go to waste…OH yeah let me not forget juan, or one or w/e his name was, Dallas Austin’s cousin who flashed his penis several times..and lets not forget to mention two things maybe three about Dallas Austin. One drives a pimped out all black Charger, two has pictures of his dick on his phone so he can slap people with it, three. Built the music scene in Atlanta and is the reason Felix is in Atlanta, according to Felix..now that’s four things and I’m moving on.

Once at Felix’s house, which of course has an impressive Tequila bar, including a bottle with his face on it. Several photos of Nese and Felix blown up and put around the house, Classic style wrap around staircase, I’m stationed in the Spaceship or rather next to the Studio…which is insane..So many speakers, lights, glass table.

Anyways its 606am EST, my heads at 3am pacific. This is Wolf out…Today’s the big day, Felix’s Birthday Bash show in ATL. Everyone will be there and this year that includes me.



Financial Gains

Access Denied. "English, do you speak it Mother Fucker"
Like stars on the blanket, we kiss. Light stars on the blanket, we fuck.
Changing into different animals, mechanics.
Money ain't a damn thing, but it gets the honey.
Money ain't a damn thing, but it keeps em hungry.


Vibrations, like turquoise lions.
Liars, I can't digest them.

[The Ceremony Begins]
I think you have a serious problem, you enjoy life too much.
At the expense of others, daily.
Only the strong survive.

"Do you miss them?"
Does an inmate miss his cell?


My Hapiness comes in Blue

I was always told, "You cannot be insane Sean, because an insane person doesn't know that they are insane."

What separates my insanity, my crazy behavior from yours is that I've accepted it completely, I have no shame and am completely in touch, in tune with who I am.

I've accepted each of my addictions, my needs, my wants and I know the damage I am doing to my body as well as the maintenance it requires. I am not ignorant, or arrogant, or stupid.

I think you have no idea who you are and it only saddens me, but I'm not going to take any part in that horse and carriage. It is a path you must walk alone and I'm not going to hold that hand.
*I want my dirty disco girl, she is not her.

[My Dream from last night, that inspired my Revelation]

I was in my anima form, a female at a psychiatric ward and I was begging the nurse to allow me to take another day off, but she told me that I have had plenty of days off and it was time to return.

I pointed to another girl and asked that she take my place, the nurse argued aggressively with me, reminding me that the other girl had done her time and once again insured me that it was my time.

[This was the struggle of personalities in my mind, Each character representing a different part of me, at least the ones that exist on that floor, I am scared to see the ones that dwell stories below and curious to see the wolf]

I've already forgotten which personality fell for her, which one clung on and which one took care of her, but they are all gone.

When the passenger wants a refund this driver cannot offer then the damage will never be repaired.

Transmission Fluid Leaking

"It is only the body that dies" Currently being rejected by the lack of chemical romance, all substitutes are only irritating me more. I have lost my mind, donated memories and words freely to anyone who bothered to listen. I've forgotten half the thing I've said, done. I'm waking up in strange places, but at least my back is no longer bothering me.

It is not the kidneys we should be concerned with, the lungs are all but collapsed and as this beat up Ford continues to move forward, I beg of all passengers along for the ride to remember this vital fact:

Those judgments laid out so freely, the gossip, it is all a part of your own insecurity. Your own facts and realizations about your deepest concerns, your fears with yourself, your body.

So go ahead, judge me and while you are at it, go ahead and add just a little extra makeup today.

But know this. I fucking own you. Why? How? Because your lives are so boring, that you want so badly to believe, to live in the fantasy that you will indulge and mind yourself in the affairs of others and even go so far as to dress and live like them.

So sip your martini, kicks back a couple pills, or put yourself in a deep paralysis on the old mattress with the heroine needle still in your arm. You are nothing more than another animal on this earth, no more significant than the flies and bugs you swat at and kill on a daily basis. That dead mouse over there, the dead possum on the side of the road, it is just as as significant to me as you are.

"papa dont preach"



Try and find which one best suites you
Formal name Source of arousal
Abasiophilia People with impaired mobility[3]
Acrotomophilia People with amputations[4][5]
Agalmatophilia Statues, mannequins and immobility[6]
Algolagnia Pain, particularly involving an erogenous zone; differs from masochism as there is a biologically different interpretation of the sensation rather than a subjective interpretation[7]
Andromimetophilia Trans men[8][3]
Apotemnophilia Having an amputation[4][9]
Asphyxiophilia Asphixiation or strangulation[4]
Autagonistophilia Being on stage or on camera[10][11]
Autassassinophilia Being in life-threatening situations[4]
Autoandrophilia Arousal by a biological female imagining herself as a male[12][13]
Autoerotic asphixiation Self-induced asphyxiation, sometimes to the point of near unconsciousness[11]
Autogynephilia Arousal by a biological male imagining himself as a female[14]
Biastophilia Arousal based on the rape of an unconsenting person[4]
Chremastistophilia Being robbed or held up[10]
Chronophilia Partners of a widely differing chronological age[10]
Coprophilia Feces; also known as scat, scatophilia or fecophilia[15][16]
Dacryphilia Tears or crying[17]
Dendrophilia Trees[4]
Emetophilia Vomit[3]
Erotic asphyxiation Asphyxia of oneself or others[18]
Erotophonophilia Murder[4]
Exhibitionism Exposing oneself sexually to others, with or without their consent[16]
Formicophilia Being crawled on by insects[10][19]
Frotteurism Rubbing against a non-consenting person[16] 302.89
Gerontophilia Elderly people[20]
Gynandromorphophilia Women with penises, men cross-dressed as women, or trans women[21][3]
Hebephilia Pubescent children[22]
Homeovestism Wearing clothing emblematic of one's own sex[23][24]
Hybristophilia Criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes[10][25]
Infantophilia Not in general use. Recently suggested term referring to pedophilia with a focus on children five years old or younger.[26]
Kleptophilia Stealing; also known as kleptolagnia[3]
Klismaphilia Enemas[3]
Lactophilia Breast milk[27]
Liquidophilia Attraction, or desire to immerse genitals in liquids[27]
Maiesiophilia Sexual attraction of pregnant women
Macrophilia Giants, primarily domination by giant women or men[27]
Mammaphilia Breasts; also known as mammagynophilia and mastofact[27]
Masochism The desire to suffer, be beaten, bound or otherwise humiliated[16] 302.83
Mechanophilia The sexual attraction to cars or other machines, also stated as "mechaphilia". [1] [2][28][29][30]
Menophilia Menstruation[27]
Morphophilia Particular body shapes or sizes[11]
Mucophilia Mucus[27]
Mysophilia Dirtiness, soiled or decaying things[3]
Narratophilia Obscene words, colloquially known as "talking dirty"[3]
Nasophilia Noses[27]
Necrophilia Cadavers[16][31]
Olfactophilia Smells[3][10][3]
Paraphilic infantilism Being a baby;[16] also referred to as autonepiophilia[10]
Partialism Specific, non-genital body parts[16][3]
Paedophilia Prepubescent children, also spelled pedophilia [16][32] 302.2
Peodeiktophilia Exposing one's penis[4]
Pedovestism Dressing like a child[33]
Pictophilia Pornography or erotic art, particularly pictures[10][3]
Pyrophilia Fire[34]
Raptophilia Committing rape[10]
Sadism Inflicting pain on others[16] 302.84
Salirophilia Soiling or dirtying others[3]
Sexual fetishism Nonliving objects[16] 302.81
Somnophilia Sleeping or unconscious people[10][3]
Sthenolagnia Muscles and displays of strength[27]
Stigmatophilia Body piercings and tattoos[4][27]
Symphorophilia Witnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents[4]
Telephone scatologia Obscene phone calls, particularly to strangers; also known as telephonicophilia[10][16]
Teratophilia Deformed or monstrous people[35]
Transvestic fetishism Wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex; also known as transvestism[16] 302.3
Transvestophilia A transvestite sexual partner[10]
Trichophilia Hair[27]
Troilism Cuckoldism, watching one's partner have sex with someone else, possibly without the third party's knowledge; also known as triolism[11][36]
Urolagnia Urination, particularly in public, on others, and/or being urinated on[3][10][11][16]
Ursusagalmatophilia Teddy bears[6]
Vampirism Drawing or drinking blood[37][38]
Vorarephilia Eating or being eaten by others; usually swallowed whole, in one piece [39]
Voyeurism Watching others while naked or having sex, generally without their knowledge; also known as scopophilia or scoptophilia.[16][11] 302.82
Zoophilia Animals (actual, not anthropomorphic)[3][10][16]
Zoosadism Inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain[40]

Taken from Doctor Wiki [here]
Unforunately they will not register my Paraphilia, Changophilia