I just want to listen to music through the headphones of the globe, I'll mix their screams with the cries of laughter. I'll cross over from obese greed and drown it in tragedy. I'll take one shot to a building and ignore the millions of bombs we drop to compensate for our more expensive lives. I'll bask in the glory of being able to eat the African families weight, malnourished and all. I'll parade around in clothes I don't need, expelling exhaust. "everything i could say would feed into insignificance"

Welcome to my Journal. IGNORE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, or become my Editor


Quiet Noize

The Inkwell is completely dried up. I need to be inspired.

I Wish I could tell you there is more to life than this vacant parking lot.
Occasionally a nice view emerges, an orgasm is reached, but everything always ends.
Destructively beautiful, expelling toxic radiation, consume at your own risk.
Everyone loves me from a distance, what is it I miss

Answer: Consume the Drug called Music and quit being such a bitch. Get off your ass and make things happen. Don't join the millions of those who do nothing and the billions who dream and talk about big things, but make nothing happen.

awaiting another visual dream, need a new muse, and enjoying new friendships

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