I just want to listen to music through the headphones of the globe, I'll mix their screams with the cries of laughter. I'll cross over from obese greed and drown it in tragedy. I'll take one shot to a building and ignore the millions of bombs we drop to compensate for our more expensive lives. I'll bask in the glory of being able to eat the African families weight, malnourished and all. I'll parade around in clothes I don't need, expelling exhaust. "everything i could say would feed into insignificance"

Welcome to my Journal. IGNORE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, or become my Editor


Wow. I was reading my cellphone Blog and i realized how fucking unlegit normal phones are at posting messages through texts. it sent the fucking message in 6 parts and not all the parts went in order....Anyways.

Phase one of Inspiration:

Electro Junkism with only brother and friend-

0 What to be gained from this, simply stated I am alone and distant.

Phase two:
re-in-act-Mint of friendship in the choir of Blitzen-

0 hopefully something less aching on the heart.

Anyways let me repost this distorted cellphone blog entry in better format Here:

Last night was the first night i was reminded of how alone i really am, how all of my friends and family have become distant associates. We are friends and family only when we are around one another.
-on a side note: I also realized how hard it is to find Electro Junkies: a lot of people hit the scene for the drugs and for the sex. Can you believe originally it was about niether..it's about the music. Why is that such a distant plateau like my friends and family? I blame MTV. They have really shown people how to get completely outside of music and unfortunately that is the real reality TV show.
Planet Earth: Drama, Sex, Drugs-Glamour with a distant rhyming tune-Music.


Without a Title (If thats possible), But not empty of Introduction

Busy Weekend Ahead: DJ Klever @Avalon on Friday and Blizten Trapper in SB Saturday.
Let me chant a poem as a sort of 'good luck' charm for SAFE adventures.

Inside the envelope written in fresh lime juice, 'lead reasonably or follow wisely.'
Moronic laughter echos the porch as the letter appears blank
Words of wisdom usually come in blind packages.

I ran into old associates today holding a box of "it's toasted," red.
Painted sloppily are memories of ghosts and burned bridges
the only people who stuck around are those who won't let go
and a few fortunate ones that I cannot forget.

In this year alone I've watched a friend lose someone dear,
I've lost a family member and a celebrity.
Yet, loss is of nothing new to me.
In fact death is reasonable, justified and makes more sense.
Bridges aren't burned with death, it only lingers if the individual chooses to hold onto it.
In fact, Death is amazingly independent.
As someone who frowns upon Dependence,
How Can I not embrace Death?

I've lost my format of poetry. I need inspiration, it will come tomorrow and the day to follow.
~Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Flashback July is Over Blvd.

Time for the future. Time to move on. It's not that there are not things to reminisce and there certainly are not things to regret, it is just simply this, Today is a new day. How I was, the things/people I have met and done make up who i am..But today I am simply Sean Thomas Mullen. A collection of memories may help one to piece together their own version of the puzzle, but that is strictly an opinion. If you are looking for facts, good luck. Only a few things in life are factual, waking up each day may be factual but it is not inevitable sometimes we die in our sleep. I have not found any stability or permanence...simply just found experience. Live life in the way that feels right. mumble mumble.



For myself, the rain is as intoxicating and transforming as the moon is to a Lycanthrope. When one is composed of both man and beast, he or she finds himself constantly under restraint in order to adapt to the normalities of reality.

Anything that has ever been under restraint has more appreciation for freedom and understands its costs. Which is why I share a love hate relationships with the rain. I fear when it will end because I will have to go back to my reserved state, but I hope it never ends because the wolf is out to play.

When one is composed of two souls, during partial absences of the other, there is a fear of losing a part of myself forever. On top of that, there exists constant battles and conflicts within the two. Since both sides are extreme and have contradicting morals and values there is a fear within me that one will rule forever.

Eventually I am overcome with relief when I realize that although there are two parts to myself, both of them are me and I can never lose myself.
I don't know how much more flash back i can take in all honesty...i'm getting over swamped with bad writings.


Important, Natlaw the Order of Day and Night

The Order of Day and Night

“Most people come and go it’s a natural part of life that I have come to accept. However, I’m still getting used to those who have left me physically but remain forever a part of me.” This thought came to me one night while I was sitting in motionless chair. Out of all the chairs to sit on in the house, or ones to be bought out of the store, I chose this one. An old black wooden chair. Why not one of those nice computer chairs, with the cushions, and the maneuverability. I mean who doesn’t love going up and down, spinning around and having the ability to roll across the floor! I continued to write my mind was trailing off on a random thought again. I decided to focus on the road and avoid an unwanted collision.
“During the day we play together and dance with the natives in their fashion. We forget who it is we are and get caught up in the universal thoughts of attraction. Thankfully our nature is merely nocturnal and during the day we are only sleeping which releases a majority of the burden for our actions. It is at night that we redeem ourselves by awakening. Awakening to the real world, bringing us off of the dreamer’s clouds. When the world is quiet and we are left with our thoughts and ourselves.”
I had reached that state again where my mind was blank and I was left trying to soak up the sun of the words that beat down in rays that could warm, tan and most definitely burn. *Alarm Blaring. I groan and get out of bed and stumble half way across the room. Having an alarm right near you is convenient, but too convenient for a mind that outsmarts the body and figures out ways to master the process of turning it off without even being in an “awaken” state. I look at the pile of clothes on the ground, my dresser is broken so I rarely bother putting the clothes in. The other options of buying a new dresser or fixing this one don’t even cross my mind. No, that would be too easy. I grab a pair of boxers and head down the hall to the bathroom. Inside I apply toothpaste to my brush, as I turn on the water. I am still half-asleep as I make my way into the shower and get my body under the hot water. Once I am awake, my mind is again at lightning speed.
Into the busy trussels of the day, I began my chameleon-like approach to the overwhelming thoughts that come into my mind and I start “adapting.” Already before I even can park my car I am sure a thousand and one unknown judgments, some out of sheer boredom have already labeled me by my car and the way that I drive. As I park my car and begin walking through the parking lot, my mind is slowly adapting to the “normal” behavior of the day. “What do I look like, is my fly undone, oh my god look at that girls butt, oh shit I hope this guy doesn’t think I was giving him a mean look, what are people thinking about me?” The traffic is insane, and no longer does the people who are unfortunate and fighting for their survival even occur to me. My thoughts are based on how well I do on a test, how well I look, whether or not the clothes I am wearing match or look good on me. My epidemics include being late, missing a question or two on a test, someone disagreeing with me, not being able to have that m3, m5 and other nice cars I see parked next to me. These are horrible things, but under the heat of the sun, the influence from the part of the world I live in, these thoughts are very real.

Ok. I'm in a good Mood I'll drop some bombs.

What do you have to offer the world.
Besides another body with a mouth to feed.
A couple million resources you'll need.
a portion of our oxygen to breathe.
who knows how much energy you'll bleed.

alright I'm bringing out the big guns...here is some past writings...i mean WRITINGS as in...fucking long ass essays:

Please keep in mind, spelling, grammar, fucking everything about this is choppy. The content is interesting if you can make it through. GOOD luck. ha ha

Not many could have predicted that a species would take their rightful place in front of the line and on the top of the pyramid. Sure there were many novels written and sci-fi action thrillers produced based on the idea of another notch in the food chain. But most of them lacked depth and a realistic understanding of how Mother Nature works. I’m sure the idea of an alien species coming to this planet and taking over sounds quite natural to the human ego, but isn’t it more logical that if another species could in fact travel from planet to planet they would look for one that hasn’t already been damaged.

However, keeping the ego in mind and manifesting the idea, that the machines we created replaced us wasn’t too far from the truth. Yet, we forgot the simple fact that living organisms cannot arise from nonliving material. In other words, a robot could only be programmed and didn’t have a mind or a soul, only a hard drive, which functioned much, like the brain. Except it lacked individualism, creativity, and many other things that put man on top of the other animals.

Chapter 1

It was Ivan Wright who kept in mind the idea that the human body functions much like the machines and vehicles that we created. He also was quite aware, being in a wheel chair, that age, nature, weather and our own actions wore and tore on our soft skin and breakable bones. The machines we created on the other hand could be bullet proof, excel in speeds faster than any animal, on land, water, and even in the air. And when they wore down, we could upgrade them, fix them and expand their life. With this in mind, it wasn’t hard for Ivan to find solutions. His own limitations of movement, being crippled and in a wheel chair gave him great motivation. The state of the world entering into the year 2000 was already facing population issues along with incurable diseases that emerged left and right making it easy for him to find support and funding. As for morality, it wasn’t an issue because his work was “TOP SECRET,” and when it appeared on the scene of the public it was already too late to be stopped.

Project Speaking Lilies slipped right under the radar of the public’s vision and appeared behind each individual opening their throats wide and forcing it’s agenda down. Naturally a majority of the public ate it up and by the time they felt its toxins in their stomach it was too late to regurgitate. Ivan Wright, the once crippled man, not only had the power to stand, walk and run but he could fly. He was a very clever man and made sure to have many others undergo the procedure along with him before it became public.
“Imagine a world, that no longer has the issues of overpopulation, imagine a world without old age. The darkness of yesterday left a crippled man sitting or laying awaiting his death. Today, We have given that man more than any man has ever had before. All of you today are witnessing evolution as it unfolds. Man is no longer the dominant species on the planet, we are.”

Something about the speech triggered a lot of uncontrollable emotions that could only result in disaster. It is said that we all resist change, but I don’t think there has ever been more of a resistance than the one that has emerged from this day forward. All people of different beliefs, societies, and ethics began joining together to fight. However, like the struggling Indians fighting to keep their land, slowly man was pushed aside and into “reservations.” Only a few risked their lives fighting for what they believed in and they were forced to live like shadows. This new dominant species was growing; every person who could afford the operation was welcomed. The separation of social classes was never so far apart as it was now. The rich as always were able to keep up with technology’s advancements, as for the poor they remained human or their new vessel was equivalent to an old beat up rusted down ford trying to race against an Aston martin.

Chapter 3

A lot of people emerged trying to gain credit for their wonderful predictions of “robots taking over.” However, they failed to realize this new species was not a robot. No, they were more human than anything was. However, not all got down on their news in the light of this new species.

A man by the alias of Wolf ran a nuclear energy gang, a technique mastered by a man named Pheter, who realized that anything with the potential of mass destruction must have key components to creation. Now Wolf’s project wasn’t the most popular and lacked funding. Although, he wasn’t able to manifest a new species with his inventions, he did find a way to counter Wright’s new species. It wasn’t until recently that he found himself teaming up with a shaman by the alias of Bear. Bear didn’t believe in machinery at all. He was more concerned about the soul and he had a tribe of warriors who followed his every movement.



I just wanna give a shout out to Gotta Dance Dirty, they hooked me up fat with two tickets to see DJ Klever, Paul Ahi, Nate Day and Nacho Lovers @Avalon this friday 7.10.09. I recommend this site to all electro addicts, get your fix. free downloads and weekly ticket give aways. Once again click here: Gotta Dance Dirty.

Fish on land

Today I spoil you with two flashbacks.

A human being is an animal and just like any other animal that we have raised and domesticated, if it is taught to be dependent, the chances of its survival in the wild are practically nonexistent.

The risk factor of raising and domesticating a human however, is greater than that of raising any other animal. Why? For a multitude of reasons, one of them is the fact that this animal holds the key to the survival or destruction of its own species as well as every other living thing on the planet.

When we study the anatomy of the human animal, we find two opposable thumbs. These allow it to grasp and hold tools. Located in the northern hemisphere of the human is a large mammalian brain that allows this creature to use these tools, as well as create new ones or new ways of using the tools. Located below this creature’s head is the larynx or voice box. This object allows communication with others.

The combination of all three of such things is a great contribution to the survival and destruction of every living thing on the planet.

I know the man; he came to me in four seasons and in the winter he became so cold, that he had to hang himself to dry.

When we don't speak the same language it’s because my vocabulary consists of hieroglyphics.
And that’s not even considering the physics. Let us continue past the bullshit involved in transmission signals, which are constantly interrupted by poor satellite configurations as well as dysfunctional uncontrollable weather. Despite the conspiracy theories it’s all very weary, and almost unnoticeable.
But that’s just a nice way of saying that ‘it’s all bullshit.’


My Cosis

As one can see from the title, this is 'Flash back' July. No it is not an LSD flashback, but it is a posting of old works I have dug up from an external hard drive and maybe LSD was involved in them...just kidding. Enjoy:

Its hard to be myself
In a world that puts me on the shelf
In oxygenated bubbles
That French kiss and cuddle
And twist my words.

Its hard to say what I want to say
In a world that sees in only gray
And molds my sentences to their perspective
Which is filtered by a materialistic objective
And you wonder, why I feel so, rejected

And I leave my sentences in empty dances
Composed of fragments stances
In order to make it easier
To the fill gaps you’ve already filled

Miss. Communication
Assisted in Umption
Along with my Ex. Pectaion

News and philosophy

News *from a reliable source:
The word "bed" looks like a bed and the word "shark" looks like a shark.

The franchise of artistry:
It is true that many people 'appreciate' the works of artists but just as society has advanced to the point where we no longer go out and gather/hunt for our food; people have lost understanding and appreciation in good art and hard work. However, the only thing that matters is love for ones work..the rest of the stuff is merely a price tag.
I finally took off the 21+ bracelet from EDC. I guess I have finally accepted that it is over. I really just want to go back to that day and then find some way to make it to Saturdays event as well. I miss my electro, I am going Cold Turkey and i had a light shower of rain today at RED's downtown in Santa Babara..a DJ was spinning thank god. FELIX september is too far away. I need to get a job so i can get my HARD summer tickets ASAP. Alright I'm going back to ableton...I don't have anything quote worthy/poetic to say. I am just thinking in the form of writing and you are reading this because what else is there to do... 2:40am, i have another hour 20 minutes or so to get to bed..lately 4am has been my bedtime...cracking open my energy drinking, warping my mp3's and getting ready to make a MIX.