I just want to listen to music through the headphones of the globe, I'll mix their screams with the cries of laughter. I'll cross over from obese greed and drown it in tragedy. I'll take one shot to a building and ignore the millions of bombs we drop to compensate for our more expensive lives. I'll bask in the glory of being able to eat the African families weight, malnourished and all. I'll parade around in clothes I don't need, expelling exhaust. "everything i could say would feed into insignificance"

Welcome to my Journal. IGNORE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, or become my Editor


get outta here

"I believe in a balanced diet with rigorous exercise."
My diet:
Blueberries, Ginger Ale, Nicotine, Pomegranate juice & KP.
My exercise:
A healthy dosage of masturbation, mental games, followed by doing laps around the house and exerting exotic sounds from my vocal cords - sounds previously only found in the deepest jungles of the Congo. I then proceed to music and writing. This is my exercise, exercising the brain.

I am donating my sperm to a Surrogate mother. She believes that my sperm in combination with her seed will bring forth lucifer. She is a highly intelligent devil worshipper, graduate of Harvard University (Straight A student), with a heavy background in Science and a family history of Black Arts. She shrunk my penis to prove her point, I believe it has helped decrease my ego tenfold, as I already had a small penis, but with an even smaller penis I have found myself experiencing Napolean syndrome, but it's not my bodies physical height that ales me. I am now in search of a large truck and I would like to own a couple big guns.
*The child is due to be fermented on a special full moon and the pregnancy will occur exactly at the stroke of midnight on 2012.

side note: Many beautiful women whom I neglected to appreciate in my past life have come back into my present life. I am blessed. Thank you.

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